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Dog Groomers, Pet Supplies and more all under one roof

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About Us

I First opened Wag N Wash Dog Groomers in Norwich in 2017 after working in another salon for 2 years. We starting expanding in 2018 with the opening our a grooming courses. In 2019 we opened PDB Sharpening and during the lock down of 2020 we opened PJ Pet Supplies, with the dream to open more branches around the UK. I decided to place them all under my very own umbrella company of JP Pet Co in 2021.

Yawning Cat
PJ Pet Supplies
Full Grooming
Wag N Wash Dog Groomers
Home study
Wag N Wash Groomin School
dog food
Growlers Canine
Several Scissors
PDB Sharpening

Meet The Team

Image by Marliese Streefland


JP Pet co founder and owner, Senior stylist 

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PJ Pet Supplies stock controller and till assistant

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Wag N Wash Trainee Stylist 

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Wag N Wash Trainee Stylist 


What Pet Owners Say

"Very Helpful"

"Fab With The Dogs"

“Very Helpful and accommodating”

“Had a Great 5 Weeks at Wag 'N' Wash doing my grooming course. The Tutor was fun to be around to be around and really helped me get to grips with it all. Would recommend to anyone that would like to learn dog grooming”

"Kind & Loving"

“Very Good couldn't be more please. The Staff are helpful and cheerful and our dog looks great 

Christian Cornell

Karl Linturn

Jayne Knapp